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We represent one of the most honorable organizations both nationally and at Stuyvesant. Our emphasis on public-speaking, self-expression and confidence isn't only aimed at training national competitors and finalists; it's aimed at training future leaders. This team represents a second family for every single one of us.

PARENTS: A Message From Mr. Hirsch

Dear Stuyvesant Speech and Debate Parent:

I just wanted to thank you all for the outstanding participation we saw at Saturday’s Grand Event and how we demonstrated that not only are our Stuyvesant Speech and Debate Students “Best In Class” with being awarded all the top school awards and sending so many of our Team Members to Chicago. But as the host school we again set the bar for other host schools to achieve. Which every parent, family-member, sibling, and non-participant team members who attended and contributed to Saturday's event should be very proud of this accomplishment as well.

Additionally, I would also appreciate your comments on what areas we could improve upon for next year’s hosting event. So I can add those comments to list of improvements we took during the clean up session. You can email me at

Congratulations to the Leadership, Coaches, Team Captains, and Team Members of our Speech and Debate Team for an outstanding year and here's to great success in the New York State Finals, Nationals in Kansas City and, of course, CFL Nationals in Chicago.

Finally, I look forward in working with you all as we plan for the End-Of-Year Event in June.

Many thanks again,

Stephan M. Hirsch
Alex Hirsch's Dad

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