Stuyvesant Speech & Debate

2017- 2018

We represent one of the most honorable organizations both nationally and at Stuyvesant. Our emphasis on public-speaking, self-expression and confidence isn't only aimed at training national competitors and finalists; it's aimed at training future leaders. This team represents a second family for every single one of us.

Big Bronx Invitational 2017

In Public Forum Daniel Ju and Abie Rohrig reached Quarterfinals!

In Congress Christian Bae and Josh Weiner made Semifinals!

In Policy David Doktorman(2nd speaker) and Issac Sega(first speaker)l reached Octafinals. Luola Chen and Jenny Han reached double-octafinals as did Matteo Wong(third speaker) and Juliana Fabrizio. 

In speech:

POI William Lohier - 4th place OI William Lohier - 6th place Extemp Jennifer Yu - Semifinalist

OO Emily Xu - 4th Chelsea Cheung - Semifinalist

Overall, we placed 5th in team sweepstakes!

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