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We represent one of the most honorable organizations both nationally and at Stuyvesant. Our emphasis on public-speaking, self-expression and confidence isn't only aimed at training national competitors and finalists; it's aimed at training future leaders. This team represents a second family for every single one of us.

Xavier High School Sr. Raimonde Service Tournament

Congratulations to everyone who competed yesterday at Xavier! Stuyvesant registered almost 70 members, for the majority of whom this was the first tournament. We couldn't be more proud. Here are our results:

A *  indicates a half-qualification to the State Championship held April 2015


NYCFL Sister Raimonde Tournament, Xavier High School, 10/25/14

Overall: 2nd Place in Sweepstakes!




Dhiraj Patel —6th*

Lela Ni —8th


Dramatic Performance:

Kate Johnston —3rd*


Duo Performance:

Danielle Hahami & Rishika Jikaria —2nd*

Jonathan Aung & Philip Chun —3rd*


Original Oratory:

Brianne Cotter —Honorable Mention


Student Congress:

Ioana Solomon —4th*

Advay Sriram —6th*

Richard Lin —8th*

Kai Qiang Chen —Finalist (14th)

Miki Steele —Finalist (15th)


Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking:

Alex Hirsch —3rd*

Lisa Shi —Honorable Mention


Varsity Poetry:

Jordan Foster —1st*

Fiona Cohen —2nd*

Nassima Boukhalfa —3rd*

Valerie Vishnevetskaya —7th 

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