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2017- 2018

We represent one of the most honorable organizations both nationally and at Stuyvesant. Our emphasis on public-speaking, self-expression and confidence isn't only aimed at training national competitors and finalists; it's aimed at training future leaders. This team represents a second family for every single one of us.

Tryouts 2015

Hello everyone,


Tryouts for Speech and Debate will be Monday and Tuesday (September 28 and September 29) in Room 627.


For debate, please prepare a one- to two-minute speech answering one of these questions:

1. Should the United States ban private prisons?

2. How should the United States handle the Syrian refugee crisis?

3. Does a government's right to protect its nation precede an individual's right to privacy?

4. Should the United States bring back vocational high schools?

5. Should the United States enforce the death penalty?

The delivery and poise of your speech is more important than the answer to the question. Come prepared to have fun.


For speech, please prepare a 1-2 minute performance. You can either tell a story, perform a monologue, or read an excerpt from a book. You do NOT need to be memorized, but please come prepared. Have lots of energy, show us your personality and don't forget to smile!! :)



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